venerdì 30 aprile 2010

Legno Liquido: GreenLantern, il futuro era già iniziato e qualcuno non se n'è accorto...

Forget about soggy, heat-vulnerable bio-plastic bags. A new material has come to the attention of the design community that has the texture, the quality and even the smell of wood, yet it can be worked like plastic. Unlike the latter, though, it is fully recyclable and one hundred per cent biodegradable. It sounds like a dream yet it is a definite reality. That was unveiled at the last Fuori Salone in Milan.

In fact, this year during the FuoriSalone in Milano, Romolo Stanco will introduce the first designed object in liquid wood. Its name is GreenLantern and it was designed and developed with the idea of becoming a ‘manifesto’ on the potential of liquid wood. Green-Lantern is a vase and, at the same time, a lamp. The idea of coupling two functions stems from the desire to develop habits inspired by a sustainable lifestyle and, in essence, to tell the world, in a poetical way, about the potential of liquid wood. First, the shape of the object is defined through a very curvaceous body – a form that would be unobtainable using traditional wood and that clearly illustrates what can be obtained through injection-moulding Arboform...

Laura Traldi

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